TBG's Electric Vacuum Pump, Erection Device Penis Pump Extender Male Penis Vacuum Pump (WHITE)

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Product Description

It is the newly designed high-quality vucuum toy to enhance erection. It can increase the peter' pressure via vacuum air exhausting. Then in the condition of vacuum pressure, the cells of corpus spongisum will expand in this condition, which will speed up blood circulation in the peter.Then veins expand and the blood volume increases.Thus, peter will be lengthened.Using it for a long time can effectively develop erection,lengthen and thicken peter.Meanwhile, the exercise of peter in the condition of vacuum can take precautions against premature ejaculation and impotence. The scientific design can let you exercise peter in safe ways to lengthen and thicken peter. Material: PVC&ABS.

Precautions: If there is swelling and bleeding in the case of use, do not be afraid, it is a normal response to exercise (like the skin after exercise as skin redness) dead telangiectasia, redness of the skin. This time should stop using peer recovery after exercise. Rinse with warm water before use is recommended penis, penis and testicles to make fully relax, and enters in the penis is small (like a warm-up exercise) This product features belonging to auxiliary exercise equipment, requires the user to three months to six months, the effect will show up in this period, usually 2-3 days to exercise, once a 5-10 minutes, you do not feel well because it exceeds the time limit.