Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillows Are The Maternity Pillows That Allow You To Lie On Your Stomach During Pregnancy.

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Product Description

Cozy Bump pregnancy pillows are the expecting Mothers New Best Friend! This maternity pillow also known as a pregnancy pillow allows pregnant women to rest and relax on their belly while pregnant. It not only provides comfort but also relieves pressure in the lower back. The patent pending design of Cozy Bump maternity pillow aids in decompressing the spine and relieving pressure. This maternity pillow known as Cozy Bump has been reviewed and tested by OB/GYN'S & Chiropractors. Heres what a couple of them had to say: Dr. Robert Beim, OB/GYN. Has commented, "I've had patients lay on it, and I would highly recommend the Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow as a way for pregnant women to easily and safely finally get a good night's sleep." Dr. Vincent Amato, DC, who specializes in chiropractic medicine, has recommended the Cozy Bump maternity pillow to his patients. He commented: "The Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow is designed excellently to help relieve pressure for things like chronic lower back pain and herniated disks". He also made it a point to say, "The round bump in the center of the bed and the decline for the legs actually causes a decompression of the spine when you lay down on it." Dr. Amato says his patients found the Cozy Bump maternity pillow to be "very comfortable, and it actually relieved their lower back pain" The Cozy Bump is the best maternity pillow on the market that is more then just a total body pillow because it also works as a pregnancy massage pillow. But should not be confused with the following other products called boppy, snoogle or also known as leachco snoogle. DONT TRY TO BLOW UP THE COZY BUMP MATERNITY PILLOW UP BY MOUTH, YOU WILL NEED AN ELECTRIC PUMP. If the Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow isn't blown up to max capacity it will be hard to find comfort. Once you receive the Cozy Bump maternity pillow you have 7 days to return it. 7 Days is more then enough time to see if you like it or not.